Where do we cave ?

  • Locally, our usual hunting grounds are the Forest of Dean and the Cotswolds.
  • Weekends see regular trips to South Wales, Mendip, Derbyshire, Yorkshire and other UK areas where there are underground cavities to explore..
  • Our members also have experience of caving in China, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Meghalaya, New Zealand, Poland, Spain
  • We’ve had club trips in the past to Montenegro , France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the USA to name but a few

When do we cave ?

  • Weekly on a Wednesday/Thursday evening.  Locally in the Forest of Dean or the Cotswolds and possibly retire to a local hostelry.
  • Usually 2 weekends a month.  Either a day trip on the Sunday or a full weekend away somewhere in the UK … see the Events diary.
  • We also join up with the RFDCC for regular monthly joint trips on the weekends between our own club trips.
  • Club caving holidays or expeditions are arranged some years.

Social activities ?

  • Indoor socials are held in Gloucester during the winter months, which may consist of talks, slide shows, films or other related presentations with an emphasis on being sociable, and a pint in your hand …..
  • Outdoor socials during the summer months are often walks around areas of speleological interest or other activities and will usually culminate in a BBQ.
  • Other evenings of social quaffing, currying and enjoyment
InterestsMembers are encouraged to partake in all other aspects of caving, for example

  • Exploration and Digging
  • Surveying and Mapping
  • Photography
  • Industrial Archaeology
  • Scientific Studies
    • Geology
    • Bat survey
    • Paleontology
  • Cave Rescue
The JournalThe Society produces a full colour Newsletter called “The Journal” which recounts our tales of derring do, has accounts of trips to far off places and also those more local, recent discoveries and extensions to known systems and other articles relating to caving and the Club.

It is produced a number of times throughout the year, and back copies older than 2 years are published for all to see.


We also produce a regular Newsheet which keeps members informed of recent news and changes affecting their activities, and contains a diary of forthcoming activities.

Training and equipment

The Society holds regular monthly training sessions for those wishing to learn new vertical skills or simply brush up on their old techniques, practice rigging or safety/rescue procedures.  These are held in a number of locations above and below ground where instruction can easily be given.

We also hold equipment for free use by the members in the form of ropes, ladders, carabiners and other necessary rigging and safety equipment.  Members are expected to have their own personal equipment but a small amount of kit is available (including vertical techniques training equipment) for new members and novices who wish to ‘try before they buy’

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