Ogof Draenen @ Pwll Du
Nov 24 @ 10:30

The biggest dry cave system in Britain, with over 90km of surveyed passage. Depending on the weather we might just go downstream…

Meet opposite the Lamb & Fox Inn at 10:30
Tynings Barrow Swallet @ Mendips
Dec 22 @ 10:30 – 16:30

This cave consists of a long steeply descending main passage fed by several narrow inlets. There are notable areas of eroded passage throughout, from which sharp fossils protrude. The stream was reportedly traced by Willie Stanton to the Second Feeder only of Cheddar Risings in 1979. At the same time the trace to First Feeder (Main Rising) proved negative, but this apparent anomaly may be linked to the fact that First Feeder is known to cease flowing in dry conditions. The first part of the cave was explored by ACG in 1968, the entrance having been opened by the famous July floods. It was filled in soon afterwards, but was reopened by GSG in 1976. The main breakthrough was made in February 1977 by BEC and GSG. The cave is named after the surrounding barrow cemetery which partially excavated by R.F. Read in 1924 and H. Taylor in 1932. Finds included cremation burials, small ceramic cups, flint arrow heads, saddle querns and a spindle whorl.