Redcliffe Caves ‘Open Doors’ weekend (13-15 Sept 2019)

A little while ago the club was approached by the organisers of the (Bristol) Redcliffe Caves open day weekend, as part of the wider Bristol Open Doors weekend. The organisers were after cavers who could help out with running the event and a number of club members volunteered to take part …. Joe Duxbury, Malc White, Alex Moule, Tom Stickland, Jamie Morris and Jon Maisey. Prior to the w/e an number of prelim/recce visits were carried out by the volunteers and a suitable route was mapped out through the caves. On the friday the volunteers set up all of the tapes/barriers/arrows etc required for the public along the route …. not a 5 minute job! Later on the friday evening the local BBC film crew from ‘Points West’ were there to film a short item about the caves for the w/e.

The following Saturday & Sundays went very well, there were approx 800 visitors per day and everyone got a great deal out of the w/e. Talking to the public to explain the history of the caves (and nearby other underground sites) went down very well and we got a lot of good feedback, including info of other underground links to the cave etc.

Joe had also put together and brought with him the club stand in order to promote the club, raise its profile and hopefully get a few more members (time will tell).

Everyone had an excellent w/e & we’ll definaley be back in 2020 …. more volunteers required!

See the photos for a rough overview of the w/e.

Redcliffe Caves entrance
Queueing to get in!
BBC Points West filming on the friday evening
The club stand …. as you can see … the public were fighting over themselves to get to it!
A little local history
The team on the Sunday once everyone had finished.

Credit: The Redcliffe Caves organisers

Credit: Philippe Roux

Credit: Philippe Roux
The local pub & which has a connection through to the caves behind.
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