June 2016 Club Social – Cleeve Hill

16th June 2016

This month’s social was a wander around Cleeve Hill lead by Dave Appleing.

Attending, we also had Phil Howells, John and Cheryl Cliffe, Jann Padley, Trev Perkins, Dave Brooks, Jon Maisey and Ian Crossland.

Starting off near to the clubhouse, Dave lead the group south along the escarpment (roughly), taking the various features along the way (ie the exposed quarry faces and also the site of Isaac’s Cave. Unfortunately the site is currently inaccessible due to a collapse in the entrance. Isaac’s Cave was the site of the Cave Rescue Group’s first callout, some time in (possibly) the early 1960s.

From Isaac’s Cave it was then across the common/golf course to drop down the back towards where the old quarries are. Looking at some of the quarry workings and the spoil tips etc, Jon, Phil and Ian are convinced that at least one site requires further investigation as it looked like it ‘could’ be the entrance to underground workings 🙂

Once back at the cars it was time for everyone to move their cars over to a site at Nottingham Hill that Dave suggested would be a good place to park up for the BBQ etc.

Once parked up, Jon got out the latest GSS item of kit ….. a gas BBQ 🙂 This has been bought for all club members to use on outdoor socials, rather than having to rely on sometimes unreliable disposable ones (and which take quite a while to get going).

So, for the next social … bring your food to cook and Jon willl bring the BBQ.

Cleeve Hill Social (June 2016)

Cleeve Hill Social (June 2016)

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Cleeve Hill Social (June 2016)




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