60th anniversary celebration (17th Sept 2016) – Our Special Guest Entertainer

In order to promote this event further, here are some more details of what’s going to be happening on the 17th of Sept and why it would be excellent to try to have as many GSS members there as possible.

The venue is the Holiday Inn, Barnwood, Gloucester. Very easy to reach from whatever direction you may be coming from.

The evening will be to celebrate the 60th year since the formation of the club in 1956 and we will be having in attendance, two of the original founder members (Paul Hayward and Dave ‘Sparks’ Parker). If it wasn’t for the efforts of the founding members, I’d not be typing this right now & you’d not be reading it either as the GSS would not exist.

In the following 60 years the club has come a long way and achieved a lot, but for the purposes of the event on the 17th, we’ll be concentrating on what the club has been up to since the 50th anniversary in 2006.

As part of the evenings entertainment, we have been able to obtain the services of a professional magician, Sam Strange. Sam and his brother Barney are very keen to explore the local stone mines and have already had a very good trip into Windrush.


From Sam’s website we have the following …

“Profile: Sam Strange Magician

Sam Strange is a full time, professional entertainer who has spent years refining an act suitable for all events. He has been interested in the art of magic from childhood, and has funnelled his enthusiasm and passion for the art, into an entertainment business.

He has been fortunate enough to perform professionally for 9 years. Sam is one of the few magicians in the country who can combine a youthful enthusiasm with experience and a thoroughly professional attitude.

Sam learnt his craft before joining the Thames Valley Magicians Guild. He quickly progressed by joining the International Brotherhood of Magicians and was unanimously voted into the Magic Circle aged 22. He went on to win 2 awards for close up magic and has appeared on television and radio. He was a featured performer, alongside his double act partner, on prime time and daytime television. He has also acted as a hand double for an ITV television drama.

Sam has recently been promoted to become an Associate Member of the Inner Magic Circle. This is the highest level achievable through examination and he is now one of the youngest members to hold this prestigious accolade.

“A fantastic performance and a genuine talent.
Just amazing”
Jonathan Ross”


In addition to Sam, we will also have a number of displays showing the main things that the club has been up to since 2006 & also hopefully highlighting the very wide variety of underground sites that the club has an interest it and the trips made … everything from hard sporting trips into Welsh caves, to Cotswold mine digs and foreign expeditions to Montenegro and Namibia.

Together with the display boards we’ll also have at least one very special presentation to make (come along to find out what it will be), a constant slide show (hundreds of GSS caving images) showing what the club’s been up to & hopefully photos of as many club members  as possible.

There will be a raffle to raise funds for GCRG (so please dig deep, we all benefit)

There will be a celebratory cake made specially for the event

Every ticket holder will receive (after the event) a special DVD presentation covering the club’s activities since 2006 and also a special anniversary newsletter/journal. Both the DVD and the journal we also produced for the 50th.

The whole event is designed not to be formal, but to be just a great social event where everyone can spend the evening talking and catching up with friends etc.

The food will be a hot/cold buffet and will cater for all requirements (provided the hotel is told in advance)

For anyone who may wish to stay the night at the hotel, we do have some rooms reserved at a special rate to those people who may wish to use them.

Tickets are £20 each (only 50p more than they were in 2006) and can be bought from the Secretary, Joe, but if you want to ‘buy’ the tickets online, just send the appropriate amount to the club’s bank (details are … ‘Gloucester Speleological Society’, Account number 13941260, sort code 77-27-06) and then send a covering email to Joe Duxbury and he can then allocate you a ticket.





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